By Josh Beckett

I am a supporter of Donald Trump because of his policies, not his character. I believe a person’s character is not what makes him a good president, but their policies are.

I am not a fan of Trump’s character; however, his policies are pristine. Immigration is a policy that makes him and most of his supporters seem racist. He does not want every single immigrant to be deported. His plan specifically targets those who are breaking the law by being here illegally. I welcome anyone to this country, but it must be legally. I believe his immigration stance is solid enough to heal the damage that has been done. Hillary Clinton’s immigration policy is similar, but over the past couple decades, she has shown no interest in stopping people from entering the country illegally.

When it comes to the foreign policies, more specifically the situation in the Middle East, I side with Trump greatly. Clinton claims she will push the nuclear deal with Iran. However, Trump will break the deal and put greater effort into subduing and pacifying the radical terrorist organizations. Iran should not be considered an ally to the United States. They are continuing to back rebel groups in the Middle East with heavy weaponry that has been used in attempts to damage our naval vessels.

Both candidates have a great idea for our energy needs, but I believe Trump’s pulls out ahead. He supports offshore drilling in American waters. Currently, there are many limitations preventing any major oil drilling on American territory. I believe this will help us reach a closer goal to being energy independent. Given, Clinton has a great plan by pushing for a bill to have the U.S. have over half of a billion solar panels. I believe that it will be high in cost and too difficult to achieve.

Over the past presidency, Obamacare has been at the height of healthcare in this nation. The ideas for Obamacare are good; however, it did not turn out the way it was thought to. Trump plans to push back against Obamacare and reduce healthcare costs. They are insanely high now and should not even be half of the current amount. I agree with Trump that the cost and quality do not match up properly. It has failed this country. Clinton fails to see how it just doesn’t work. She plans to continue and expand upon Obamacare and I believe this will greatly damage the country further.

Overall, I support more of Trump’s policies. Some ideas may seem similar but I still believe in nearly every place, Trump’s ideas are greater. The ideas and policies that are planned to be enforced is what matters, not the individual’s character.

Beckett is a junior majoring in business administration (information technology concentration) at Bluefield College