By Ben Ayers

The 2016 presidential election is filled to the brim with political squabbles and partisan attacks coming from all perspectives. With so much hate coming from every direction, it can be difficult to sift out the truth and make an educated decision on who gets the vote regardless of partisan affiliation. When it comes down to it, only one candidate is fighting to achieve his party’s philosophy, has the experience to offer what the country so desperately needs, and possesses the character, morals, and resistance to corruption the leader of the free world is expected to display: Mr. Donald J. Trump.

Many voters are expected to blindly send a vote toward their party’s candidate because they believe that candidate is fighting for his or her party’s goals. In most cases, that would be a correct assumption, but on multiple occasions, Hillary Clinton and her campaign have shown through a variety of leaked emails and investigative documentaries (from WikiLeaks and James O’Keefe, respectively) that she has both a public and private stance on many pivotal issues. For example, she is privately against gay marriage despite her party’s beliefs. Donald Trump, however, fights for Republican stances such as the right to life, healthcare, immigration, and foreign involvement.

Trump is also an incredibly successful businessman. No matter how this is researched, the current, liberal economic state of the nation is deplorable. Clinton has confirmed in an interview that she will implement a $1 trillion tax hike, which will reduce the earnings of most American citizens by over 10 percent, leading to an unstimulated economy, higher prices, and a further increased national debt. Taxes raised will also be used to continue funding Obamacare, which will raise the cost of its premiums nationwide by an average of 25 percent. Trump, however, will decrease taxes on the middle class, which embodies the majority of America’s population, thus stimulating the economy. He also plans to abolish Obamacare and reform the nation’s healthcare system from the ground up to be more affordable without higher taxes.

The general character of a candidate also plays an essential role in whether he or she is suitable for the position. Clinton has been repeatedly proven to be corrupt (shown by WikiLeaks’ email database and James O’Keefe’s investigative videos). As if voter manipulation, withholding information from the FBI, and illegally made, pay-to-play donations to the Clinton Foundation weren’t enough to develop mistrust, her hostile, anti-diplomatic temperament and actions against Russia and ISIS could lead the US to another war. Trump, in contrast, displays good morals, character, and diplomacy that could keep America safe, thriving, and freer from corruption.

Overall, Mr. Donald J. Trump displays the qualities sought after in the leader of our country. He fights for Republican goals and beliefs, has financial and business experience, and better character and resistance to corruption than his rival. He may not be the best for the presidency, but he is the best out of the candidates for our country.

Ayers is a freshman majoring in business administration (information technology concentration) at Bluefield College